We could be heroes

What would you do if you suddenly were given the opportunity to rule the world for some time, say five years? What could you do? I know what I would try to do. One thing would be to put the lid in the chimneys of the world, so to speak, to severly lessen the CO2-outlet and to try and do something about global warming. If I, in my capacity as world ruler, would try to do such a thing, I can assure you that very large ammounts of people around the globe would protest, they would try to over throw me, they would wage wars against me, they would, in short, not do as I said. Only with a very large army could I depress these attempts at rebellion.

The same is true, but in a slightly lesser scale, of all nations, communities and other groupings of people, in order to actually change something on which a lot of other things are built you cannot simply change it, you have to get people to want to change it first, and then a slow but steady process begins, to adjust all the dependant system. Boring huh?

Anyway, this borders on the theories put forward by John Stuart Mill, the old 1700s brittish social/political philosopher and liberal spokesman, and he really ought to know, he learned classical greek by the time he was eight years old and studied logics by the time he was twelve. I'm not sure with what degree of success though, although he reportedly was a very intelligent man. He was of the opinion that every change in society should be to remedy a specific problem and that those changes should be made gradually.

This, however, is not what I mean. What I mean is that we, yes we, all of us, or rather each and every one of us, have the chance to change something we want to change. Not by being world rulers, or even leaders of men and women in general, but simply by making up our minds. Just imagine, we could be heroes. All of us.

Does it sound like a bad cliché? Probably, but to prove you wrong, check this out!


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