The amazing way of swedish governement

It is rather amazing, after a very slow start people are finally realizing the power of protest against the opressive rule of the Deomcratic republic of China during, before and after the Olympic Games are to be held there this year.

As you know it all started with the brave Tibetan munks, who it seems, got beaten down quiet rapidly. By then it had spread to many other parts of China (there are munks all over, and Buddism seems to be one of the few philosophical points of view that encourages political movements today). But nobody outside of China seemed to react very much.

Only with the symbolic torch traveling through eurpoe - London and Paris suddenly bursted out in a long over due manifestation. And our leaders, who are supposed to be guardians of morallity and so on and so forth, even they have begun to react: Prime minister of Britan will not attend the opening ceremony, nor the German equvivalent, Sarcoci in France, ever the brightest of the three, will not attend if Chinese governement doesen't improve their behaviour when it comes to human rights, and even the totally inapt IOK-chairman complained yesterday, reminding China about the promised they made when they got the Olympics a few years back.

But what does prime minister Reinfeldt, Sweden, do in that situation? He definitivley closes the door, saying "We will defenitly attend the opening ceremony." And this in a country where there is a long tradition of fighting for human rights (not from his party, thats true, but still). It seems the liberal governement in Sweden is very eager to please the communist governement of China, now isn't that an odd turn of events?


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