What this section does

Welcome to the 'personal' section of The New Nature of the Catastrophe!

This section is intended to house my incoherent, infrequent, intolerable ramblings. That is, I write what I want, when I want and take no responsibility other than that I'm exercising of my right to free speach. That, by the way, might as well be the only promise I will ever make here: I'll try to piss people of as much as I can.

This will also, as far as such things are possible, be a diary of sorts, at least in the sence that most things I write here are in some way or another a reflection of things that happened to happen to me lateley. Please note, however, that not everything that you read there is true, I defenitly reserve the right to lie.

To round of this first post I would like to apologise in advance (and as far as this particular post goes also after the fact) for any misspellings, misuse of the english lanugage and other such derivates of the fact that english is not my native thounge. Please feel free to correct me, thats what I do when people try and fail at swedish!

Well met! I'm ending with a quote from my short comment on Koranen on Facebook (in swedish, sorry):

"Jag SKA läsa klart den... känns som en dålig uppföljare, och här borde varit fler bilder ;)"



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