Someone told me this blog seemed pretentious, or was it serious? Well in any case, this is one of the few people that I actually showed it to, so I should probably stop this right away, right? Who on earth wants to be percived as pretentious and serious?

That said, I won't stop (yes, impossible projects is my hallmark). This will never be the place to go if you want a daily update of some sort, if you do want that, watch the three minute news or read the bulletins the evening papers put out. This is in fact a serious page! No really, I'm serious. Things here might take a little more time, they may also be a bit harder to read than one row paragraphs, they will seem pretentious. It's the whole point. If I wanted to read light hearted stuff, the net is crammed with that already, there would be no need for this site.

I don't expect a lot of readers - they way the Internet works is largley based on daily updates that are read in under two minutes - but that doesen't really matter. I do this for myself, in fact I like to read my own stuff. Yes, that is correct. I am self righteous in addition to serious and pretentious!

So, whats the point of theese ramblings? The net is, to an alarming degree, not serious. I want more good content on the net. I try to put good stuff here instead of "often stuff". There is very little stuff for the sake of stuff here. The person that told me this seemed serious and pretentious actually have one of the most serious and pretentious sites I know of, and I like it a lot. Society, in some majority kind of meaning of the word, is very afraid of seriousness.

Yes, all of the above, but mostly the last point. Also, I hope the negotiations in Bali goes well.

Postat av: Felicia

ifall det hade funnits något rätt och fel när det gäller tänkandet så hade du varit alldeles rätt på det just nu.

2007-12-16 @ 12:46:13
Postat av: F


2007-12-18 @ 19:04:29

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