They finally managed to get a deal in Bali. I'm very surprised. This challenges my whole outlook on the world, perhaps everyone isn't a bastard? But no, that can't be it. It would have been it if they'd done this 20 years ago, but now? Now it's just egocetered survival instinct.

No matter. They did make a deal, though it sure is a watered out one. Of all nations the United States seem to be the one with least survival instincts, which is hardly surprising since it is also the nation with most fanatics in the world. So they stopped the deal from containing actual percentages that we in the old industrialised world should cut our outlet of CO2 with. They obviously don't care about the future.

But there are other candidates to the title of least survival oriented nation. China and India for instance. These countries fall in the general category of "Under-developed" countries, alongside Bangladesh, Somalia and countries that really belong to the third world due to the explotation of them from the colonists and world wide inustries like Coca Cola Company. Yet their part in the CO2 problem is very large indeed, and will soon be bigger than that of the US and european countries. They talk of historical debt, that is a suspicious concept indeed.

Do europe have a historical debt? It is true that we have a history of not caring what our industries do. It is true that from a historical standpoint we and the US have let a very very large portion of the now present CO2 out into the atmosphere. But a debt? Ok, if it implies that we did it, so we have to make it go away, then I'm there, but if it implies, as it does when you listen to the negotiators from China, that they (China and India) should be allowed to increase their CO2 outlet however much they want, then I do not agree at all.

Analogy: I kill someone, does that give everybody else the right to kill as many as I did? No, but it leads to my getting a punishment. I let out 1 ton of CO2, does that give everybody else the right to let out 1 ton of CO2? No, but it is my responisbility to stop what I'm doing and try to plant as many trees as I can to help reduce the damage I caused.

Again though, they did make a deal out of necessity, and maby the will actually stick to it and save the world. But probably not...


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